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Meadow Days Natural Scented Candle


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The smell of summer! Long warm days lying in meadows. I love Laura’s seasonal blends and I’m so excited to stock her candles. Meadow Days is a lovely blend of Lavender and Rosewood – warm and sunny.

Walking through the long grass and feeling the gentle summer breeze, this blend will take you to the sweet wildflower meadows and peaceful days of Summer. The floral oils of Rosewood and Lavender are a perfect scent combination to encourage those quiet moments, bringing a sense of ease into your days and promoting a feeling of calmness all summer long! Laura carefully crafts her candle blends using pure essential oils to align with the seasons and what our minds and bodies need at each stage of the year.

Size: 120ml Soy Wax Candle in recyclable amber glass jar, made with pure essential oils. Approx 20 hours burn time.


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