Meadow Scented Candle


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I spend a lot of time in meadows, I have three favourite ones I go to regularly. Meadows are places of such incredible beauty, an abundance of wildflowers in so many colours sway in the gentle summer breeze. Insects, bees and butterflies float and zoom through the flowers. Voles create mazes through the thatch and barn owls hunt at night.

Meadows are spaces of tranquillity but also so full of life, and that is what Sophie captures in this Meadow blend candle. It’s a gentle blend of lavender, clary sage, geranium, bergamot and chamomile.

I love Sophie’s ethos of using only the most natural organic ingredients too and putting the environment first. She uses UK grown rapeseed wax that she blends herself, locally sourced organic essential oils and organic hemp wicks to ensure that her candles are the most eco-friendly they can be. As she uses the purest essential oils, these candles make your room smell so good when they burn too. These candles come in a 120ml recyclable clear glass jar, with recycled paper labels printed with vegan ink.

Size: 120ml, burn time: ca. 30 hours

To get the most from your candle, allow it to burn for a couple of hours when first lit so that the botanicals are engulfed in the wax and do not burn. To achieve the longest burn time, when you first light your candle allow the wax to melt from rim to rim. Thereafter don’t burn for more than 3 hours at a time. Keep the wick trimmed to roughly 1 cm above wax, and try to keep it straight, upright and centred to the jar.



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