Mindful Mood Candle


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Mindful is the perfect candle scent for helping you destress, feel grounded and gain a clear mind. The carefully developed pure essential oil blend is a great companion for meditation, yoga or simply when some quiet time is needed. With a floral, herbal and evergreen woody scent, Mindful can help to create feelings of relaxation and grounding, through the essential oils engaging the parasympathetic nervous system and calming the stress response. The addition of rosemary helps to clear mental chatter from the mind and instil a peaceful clarity in its place. This Mindful candle contains the following essential oils:

Base notes: Cedarwood Himalayan & Patchouli

Middle note: Rosemary

Top note: Lavender

Sarah hand pours her candles in small batches in her home studio near the Ashdown Forest. She uses wooden wicks to provide a slow burn, with the added soothing gentle crackle like a fire.

All the ingredients she uses are 100% natural – sustainably sourced soy wax and wooden wicks and ethically sourced essential oils. These elements provide a clean, toxin-free burn.

Size: 120ml amber glass jar. Burn time: Up to 25 hours

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