Mini Oak Leaf Stud Earrings


by Bethan Jarvis

Beautiful and delicate, these mini oak leaf stud earrings in silver, copper and yellow bronze look stunning on. Bethan’s jewellery is the loveliest I’ve ever come across and I’m so proud to stock her designs. Having stocked some rings since I launched, I decided it was time to expand the range so I asked her for some leaf and acorn earrings too. Each pair are unique and made from real oak leaves collected from Llanberis, at the foot of Snowdon. You can really see the detail in every leaf and each leaf is slightly different. These mini leaf studs are the very new growth of the oak tree, it’s hard to believe the leaves can be this small and detailed!

These earrings make a really lovely gift for a special friend or loved one or a treat for yourself. They come in a natural kraft recycled card gift box. Mini oak leaf studs are the earrings shown on the right of this photograph, the others shown are the Silver Oak Leaf Stud Earrings.

Size: Leaves are ca. 0.5 cm

Mateials: Copper, Yellow Bronze or Solid Silver leaves with solid silver fixtures


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