Mini Wooden Woodland Animals


Mini hand carved and decorated wooden woodland creatures – hedgehogs, owls and mice

A few months ago, a lovely old man called Colin came into my shop with a big box of wooden things to see if I’d like to sell any of them. I get a lot of people bringing me things that aren’t right for my shop, but as soon as he opened the box I was excited.

These mini wooden woodland creatures have been so popular in my Bristol shop that I thought it was time to put them on the website so they can head out on adventures beyond Bristol! You can choose from hedgehogs, owls, and mice. The mice have little recycled leather ears and tails in various colours. There are larger ones of each available too and a selection of wooden mushrooms in red, green and blue with white spots.

Colin hand carves and paints everything in his back garden studio in Bristol.

Size: ca. 4cm, the mouse’s tail is ca. 10cm long

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