Nasturtiums Card


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I love everything about this stunning card by Scottish artist Hannah Longmuir. Nasturtiums are one of my favourite flowers because they keep the pests off my veg, they are edible and I love their bright colours! I covered my birthday cake last year with nasturtium flowers and it looked so beautiful.

‘Nasturtiums’ is a wonderfully colourful drawing all about the benefits of having a these cheerful flowers in your garden.  It features variagated nasturtium flowers in glorious oranges, reds and yellows, as well as their big flat green leaves.  There’s a cabbage white butterfly nearby, and the caterpillars are feasting on the leaves.  Nasturtiums reward you in many ways: bold colour through late summer and early autumn; edible petals, leaves and seeds; and so easy to grow.  They repel pests that attack cucumbers and squashes.  Bees love brightly coloured nasturtiums, and they provide nectar for long-tongued bees.

This beautiful design is printed across the fold and wraps around the whole card. And every card comes with a gorgeous coral lined envelope!

Size: 15xm x 30cm (or 15cm square when folded)

This card is one of a collection of cards that Hannah created called ‘A Garden for Wildlife…’  as a tribute to her parents who were both excellent gardeners and created little wildlife havens in their gardens.  Every card sold helps to raise money for the ongoing work of her local Macmillan Centre where her mum was cared for for many years. These cards are designed, manufactured and packaged by hand in the UK. They are printed on FSC approved card stock sourced from sustainable mixed forests. The original drawings are done in pencil & watercolour. The designs are inspired by the rich variety of the British countryside. Hannah is passionate about helping people to feel connected with the fields, hedgerows and woodlands around them, as it’s only by loving and enjoying the countryside can we learn to care for it.

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