Light Wood Soap Dish


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I asked James to make me these over the summer as I’d been looking for a wooden soap dish and not been able to find any slatted ones like this that would drain properly. These lovely soap dishes are perfect for the bathroom and help your soap last longer. They fit one of my Wild Sage & Co soaps comfortably.

They are a real labour of love as it takes a long time to mill the wood down to create this small sized planks on the band saw and then he runs each piece through a plane to smooth it off. The two slatted layers are fixed together with a small screw and waterproof glue to hold in the wooden plug and the wood is soaked in teak oil to make it water resistant. These dishes are made from Ash wood.

Size: approx 9cm x 12.5cm

Material: Ash


1 review for Light Wood Soap Dish

  1. Karen (verified owner)

    Bought this as alternative to other soap dishes where the water collects at the bottom and makes the soap soggy. Fits nicely on the sink edge and keeps the soap in one place. Also if it is drop on a hard bathroom floor it doesn’t break.

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