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Pinecone Beeswax Candles


by Tea and Wildflowers

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I discovered the lovely Francey, creator of Tea & Wildflowers, through Creative Countryside Magazine and I love her story and her products. She is someone else I can’t wait to one day meet in person as she already feels like a friend. Francey is a small scale beekeeper in South Worcestershire and makes theses beautiful beeswax candles in the shape of a pine cone. She cleans the wax in rainwater and creates the shape using a mould. The candles burn slowly and purify the air filling the room with a soft, honey scent. The candles are 100% beekeeper’s beeswax with nothing added to it so you are buying a completely natural product. The added bonus of these lovely candles is that nothing is wasted or thrown away as when the candle has burnt down you can use the the wax to make polish for wood, granite and leather. Just warm it with a teaspoon of coconut or olive oil and use with confidence that you will not taint whatever you use it on as it’s so natural.

Dimensions: Each candle weighs 75g and is just over 9 cms high.



Francey is a small scale beekeeper. She has new colonies every year so she started making products with beeswax and selling honey. The bees visit orchards and field crops in early summer and then forage on garden and wild flowers for the rest of the season. The apiary is next to Bredon Hill on the Worcestershire/ Gloucestershire border.