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Pinecone Handprinted Linen Tea Towel


by These Two Hands

I love pinecones! I have bags of them all over the house, I run pinecone craft workshops, I have baskets of them next to the fire and every time I go back to see my parents my Dad gives me another few bags that he has collected for me. It took me a while to sketch and cut the right kind of pinecone to linoprint as they are hard to capture, but I love the shape and design of this one and I chose a bright orangey brown oil-based ink to print with. Each tea towel features 10 pinecones scattered, 5 on each half of the middle fold as shown, and is handprinted individually in burnt sienna oil-based ink onto the highest quality heavyweight natural linen. I chose linen as it’s really absorbent and it’s the most ecological fibre to produce. Each one has a hanging loop on the back and can be machine washed. A great woodland home gift and perfect for a cosy kitchen too.

Size: W42 x L75cm.

Material: High quality certified 100% linen fabric. Machine washable at 40 degrees.


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