Polar Bear Hoop Hanging Decoration


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I love these beautiful handmade nature-inspired hanging hoops and the ethos behind them. My daughter thinks they are beautiful and I think these are the perfect gift for a child’s bedroom!

Claire named her business Snow Day because when she was working in a school she always hoped for one to give her some free time to be creative. Now every day is a ‘snow day’, spent creating handmade textile pieces inspired by nature and folk art using stitch and construction techniques. She began using repurposed fabrics after discovering that a shocking amount of the textiles we no longer want, end up in land fill or are shipped to other countries to dispose of. It is her way of extending the life of some of the masses of material going to waste. She finds most fabrics in charity shops – linen, pure cotton and wools that sit on the £1 rail destined for landfill. She seeks out hidden gems (leaving the things that still have a worth as clothing) and then the items’ qualities inform her design. Working this way means each piece is a one off or limited numbers, skirts, blouses, even a part embroidered but unfinished table cloth have all been utilised in a make. She describes herself as a fabric Womble, “making good use of the things that I find, things that the everyday folks leave behind”.

Each hoop is handmade using repurposed fabrics, formally a suit jacket (polar bear), curtain fabric (trees) valance sheet (trees) trousers (star), shorts (star) linen trousers (moon). This decorative hoop features an embroidered linen polar bear, linen moon, two small and one large turquoise/green trees embroidered with teal thread, three small and one large dark teal velvet trees embroidered with turquoise thread, one teal star and one pale blue star. the padded textile decorations are affixed to a wooden hoop topped with a cord, ready to hang

Total size: approx 26 X 26 cm.


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