Pressed Cow Parsley Jewellery Dish


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I have stocked a selection of Paly Glass beautiful pressed flower frames since I started These Two Hands and I really wanted to try something different so I asked Nikki to make me these lovely square jewellery trays with pressed cow parsley in the bottom. I love how cow parsley presses differently every time and the beautiful shapes it makes. These are perfect for your bedside table to store rings, earrings and other trinkets, and they would make a lovely gift for someone special. Nikki presses the flowers and then cuts the glass and solders it to make these unique trays. Image shown is an example but as each flower presses differently, each tray will be different and a one-off. If not in stock, the average make time is 2 weeks.

Dimensions: 10cm by 10cm square

Note : Solder contains 40% lead and 60% tin.


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