Pure Beeswax Large Dinner Candles


These beautiful large beeswax dinner candles are hand dipped using traditional methods. They have a lovely honey smell and they burn with a steady golden glow, giving a soft warm light that you only get from beeswax.

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I love burning candles on darker evenings and try to avoid using too much artificial light. I’ve been looking for the perfect 100% pure beeswax candles for a long time, and I found them made by a lovely husband and wife team in Devon. These beautiful candles have been hand dipped using traditional methods and they burn with a steady golden glow, giving a lovely warm light that you only get from beeswax. Because they are hand dipped they have a long slow burn. Every batch varies slightly, depending on the flowers that the bees have foraged on and the time of year the wax was produced. This pair are larger and thicker than my gift set dinner candles – measuring approx 2.5cm across and 20cm long.

Beeswax is often referred to as the ‘Queen of Waxes’ for its burning qualities and these candles are completely natural and chemical free – no petro chemicals, soya or palm oil, toxic compounds or artificial fragrances. Beeswax candles emit negative ions to purify and improve air quality and are beneficial to people with environmental allergies, sensitivities and asthma. The negative ion effect can improve your mood, energy and health. The bees used to make the wax for these candles (and raw honey too) forage across the marshes of Powderham Marshes Nature Reserve, taking pollen and nectar from over 50 different wildflowers which gives the candles a lovely honeyed scent.

Dimensions: approx 2.5cm wide x 20cm long (sizes may vary slightly as each pair is handmade)
Burn time: approximately 12 hours each.
Candles should always be placed on the correct surface, all candles should never be left unattended.


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