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Reverie Anointing Oil


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This little bottle of natural oil perfume smells incredible! I roll it on my pulse points and it uplifts me and makes me smile. The name came from that feeling it gives you, as Mughda the maker says: “Every time I smell this, I want to close my eyes and lose myself in a daydream, with a smile on my face. Hence the name, Reverie.” and I feel the same about it. It opens with a citrussy burst of Blood Orange, which deepens to a warmth of Frankincense and Immortelle at the heart.

Unlike usual perfumes with top, middle and base notes, these anointing oils are composed a bit like a tree. Each scent is a blend of seven essential oils derived from different parts of plants like roots, bark, leaf, flower, fruit, seed etc. Her idea is that from the seeds a tree grows roots again, in a continuous life cycle. Each of these seven essential oils also works on at least one of the seven basic chakras, helping to balance them. The oils are blended in a base of organic apricot oil in a 10ml roll-on glass bottle with a steel roller ball.

This anointing oil can be used to bring calm in a busy day, as part of meditation or yoga sessions, or use on pulse points as a normal roll-on perfume oil.

Size:10ml roll-on glass bottle with a steel roller ball.


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