Green Porcelain Candle Holder


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A beautiful, simply designed candle-holder/small dish to fit most candles, finished in a soft apple green micro crystalline glaze. Katie of Kt Robbins Ceramics made me some beautiful grey glazed candle holders to complement my lovely warm yellow beeswax dinner candles for autumn and I wanted more of these in my new spring colour palette so she created these lovely green classic holders. The colour of these candle holders is really unique as the way they are fired creates a browny green glaze mix which I love.

These are thrown on the wheel in pure porcelain. They are little bit bigger than my beeswax dinner candles, but if you melt a bit of wax on the bottom of the candle you can secure them in perfectly. I love having the extra dish space to decorate with bits of nature too. The underside is turned in pretty concentric rings and is finished with Katie’s makers mark of a leaf. Price is per individual candle holder, not for the pair.

*Please note that as each one is handmade, no two holders will be identical. If you are buying a pair, I will try to find two that look as similar as possible but there may be small variations which is the beauty of handmade.*

Size: approx. 9.5cm across with a hole of 2.2cm



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