Scented Kindle Cone Firelighters


by Hunter Gatherer

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I was so excited when I discovered Harriet of Hunter Gatherer via Twitter as I’ve been wanting to find someone who makes these locally for so so long. I spend most nights by an open fire, it’s what gets me through winter, and I hate using chemical firelighter blocks that leave a horrible smell on my hands. I love pinecones and I love the christmassy smells of cinnamon and orange so I can’t think of anything nicer to light my fire with! Harriet makes these lovely kindlecones by hand in Dorset using pinecones from UK forests. They fill the room with a lovely smell and they’re a much more natural way to light your fire than paraffin firelighters. Each one is fragranced with cinnamon oil and spices. Light the wick, put the pinecone in amongst your kindling and soon your fire will be blazing! Each bag contains 12 cones.


Hunter Gatherer began life in 2002 when Harriet Campbell started making kindlecone firelighters on her kitchen table in Dorset. It has grown considerably since then but they still make the festive firelighters at home in old muffin trays and when it gets busy they get help from a wonderful factory in Wales that allows people with learning difficulties to work in a safe environment and learn new skills. The pinecones are all sourced from UK forests.


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