Blue Large Stoneware Mugs


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I first stocked these beautiful blue mugs back in Autumn 2021 as the colour reminded me of sloe berries. I sold out last year but Raphaela has managed to make me one more small batch for this Autumn 2023. These mugs are such a lovely big size and feel great to wrap your hands around.

Raphaela creates all her glazes from scratch using natural materials such as quartz and feldspars, and crafts her tactile ceramics in her Bristol studio. She makes each piece on the potter’s wheel using speckled stoneware clay.  For the colorants, she use metal oxides like copper and tin. Everything is fired in her electric kiln up to 1280c. All her glazes are lead-free, food safe, and dishwasher-safe but ceramics will have a longer life if hand-washed.

Size: 12oz, W9cm x H6.5cm
Care: Hand washing recommended

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