Slow Stitched Linen Coasters Kit


Make your own stitched linen coasters, with video instructions to guide you along the way. A perfect gift for someone looking to get into sewing

Suitable for adults, without prior experience of sewing, this project is designed to be sewn by hand. No sewing machine is required. The process of making this set of four linen coasters is intended to be calm, soothing and meditative. You may choose to sew your own design, or use Rebekah’s.

The kit contains all the materials you need to make your very own slow stitched coasters which you can use in your home as a set of coasters or frame and display as a piece of artwork!

Beautiful linen, two contrasting cottons, a Milliner’s needle and backing fabrics are sent to you in a sturdy, reusable cardboard carton.

All teaching is through an instructional video where you can sew along at your own space, stop, start and listen again as often as you like.

Rebekah guides you gently through the following techniques:

  • Constructing a quilt sandwich
  • Approaches to composition
  • Raw edge appliqué
  • Binding with the back of the fabric
  • Decorative stitch techniques

Each Slow Stitched Quilt Kit contains these items to help you create your lovely set of coasters. Available in a choice of Blue or Natural Linen.

  • 35cm x 35cm linen backing fabric
  • 30cm x 30cm linen top fabric
  • 30cm x 30cm cotton wadding
  • Scrap fabrics for appliqué shapes
  • Perle cotton grey
  • Perle cotton cream
  • Milliner’s needle

This isn’t a project with a time limit. It’s designed so that you can pick it up when you like to fit with the rhythm of your life.

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