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‘Squiggle Bee is a squiggly bee who’s just a little different.’ This is a lovely bright and colourful rhyming picture book about a happy little bee trying to find her place in the world. Written and illustrated by my good friend and brilliant artist Ruth Thorp who lives in Bath, this is a great gift for all ages. The original idea for the book was inspired by a small meadow that her parents planted in their garden which quickly attracted a lot of bees. Her 2 year old niece was fascinated by them and Ruth wanted to capture the delight she expressed at these little squiggly creatures whilst also drawing attention to the importance of these wonderful insects who are in so much danger of disappearing.

The story follows Squiggle Bee, a happy, inquisitive bee who just doesn’t seem to fit in with the other Grumble Bees in her hive. Her sense of adventure and squiggly way of flying often makes her late back home and she is banished from her hive forcing her to embark on a new squiggly adventure as she tries to find her place in the world. The book is a celebration of creativity, of being brave and embracing our uniqueness.

Age range – 1-6 years or (0 – 120 years depending how grown up you feel!)
Paperback: 32 pages
Product Dimensions: 210 x 210mm
Printed in the UK on paper from sustainable sources. All images and text copyright Ruth Thorp


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