The Pond Original Limited Edition Lino Print


Limited edition linocut print featuring all the incredible wildlife that live in and around ponds. Hand burnished in beautiful teal-coloured inks on handmade Nepalese Lokta paper.

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I discovered Becca and her beautiful nature-inspired linocut prints when I opened my physical shop in Bristol as she lives a few streets away and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t come across her sooner.

Each of these Pond prints has been hand burnished in beautiful teal-coloured inks on handmade Nepalese lokta paper in Becca’s spare room studio, using a teaspoon in place of a printing press.

This is the third print in her Marginal Habitats series, celebrating small, often forgotten portions of semi-natural environment that provide vital, but dwindling, habitat for UK wildlife and plants. 70% of once-widespread ponds have disappeared from UK countryside in the last century, with 1/3 gone in just the last 50 years. Garden ponds are a vital wildlife resource, supporting more freshwater wildlife than any other UK habitat. Healthy ponds provide an underwater home for diving beetles, water hoglice, water scorpions, mayfly, dragonfly and damselfly larvae, ram’s horn snails and developing tadpoles and newts; they’re breeding, spawning and basking sites for amphibians and insects; hunting and feeding areas for dragonflies and damselflies, grass snakes, drone flies, herons, swallows & martins; and are an important water source for numerous animals, including mammals like hedgehogs, badgers and foxes.

This is a limited edition of just 50 prints, all signed and editioned.

Paper size may vary slightly, but all prints are approx 56cm x 24.5cm

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