Tiny Treasures Hanging Decoration


Do you go out for a walk and come back with pockets full of sycamore seeds, beech nuts or shiny conkers? Are you fascinated by empty seed pods or acorn cups? If so, these tiny hanging treasures are perfect for you!

These tiny treasures decorations are the creation of Hannah Nunn, whose beautiful lamps and candle covers I also stock. She laser cuts each one in her studio from thick paper in six vibrant colours. You can string them up on the spool of nylon thread that comes with each pack and enjoy their shapes and colours hanging on your wall as a reminder of nature and all its abundance. They make a really lovely gift for a fellow nature lover too!

In each set you get twelve tiny treasures – two sycamore seeds, two poppy seed heads, some ash keys, an indian horse chestnut and a mix of little acorns, catkins, poppy seed tops and beech nuts. It’s a really nice balance of seeds and pods for display and they are in anĀ  array of colours. Each set comes with just over a metre of nylon thread to string them on. They can be hung horizontally in a garland or in a pretty dangling string. They come wrapped in a lovely glassine bag which is 100% biodegradable.

Length: Up to just over 1 metre – you can choose the spacing and how much of the nylon thread to use


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