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I have rediscovered oil burners thanks to the beautiful ceramic burners Wendy Calder made for my collection and I love this new burning oil by Lauren of Moonseed Rituals. All of her room aroma oils have been created with a specific blend of pure essential oils that stimulate the senses, trigger memories and relax the mind.

Within The Grove was created to take you on a journey into the forest. It’s early morning and the grove is still and quiet except for the morning bird song. The grass is damp beneath your bare feet and embers still glow on the fire from the night before. Wild geranium grows in thick patches below the shade of the tall oak trees that encircle the grove and you sit among them. This oil smells so fresh and woody and lovely and really does transport you to within the grove.


– Floral and earthy rose geranium.
– Green and herbaceous bergamot and lemon balm.
– Smokey and woody vetiver.

How to use:

1) The essential oils are already pre-blended with a base oil so it can be used directly in an oil burner. If you have a misting diffuser, add the oil in just as you would pure essential oils and adjust amount as needed.

2) Add a few drops onto cotton balls and place in drawers or cupboards to gently fragrance clothes.

3) Add a few drops onto cotton balls and wipe around door frames, book shelves, mirrors, lights etc; anywhere hidden that you’re not worried about the oil- this is a good way to fragrance a room as the smell lingers for a long time.

Size: 20ml glass bottle with pipette. Each bottle comes in a lovely gift bag.

Ingredients: bergamot, geranium, lemon balm, melissa, vetiver, essential oil, almond oil. Caution: For external use only. Some essential oils can be harmful for pets and during pregnancy, please consult with a specialist before use.


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