Simple flower crowns for summer celebrations

flower crownThese flower crowns are so easy to make and look so lovely for summer garden parties. All you need is some garden twine, flower wire, flower tape, wildflowers, grasses and leaves and scissors.

First wrap the twine around your head or the head of the person who is wearing the crown, about 5 or 6 times around should be thick enough. Cut to that length and tie a simple knot in it, and you’ve got your crown base. If you want something a bit firmer, you can also get twine covered wire so that would be sturdier and would only need to be wrapped a few times around to create the base. 

Group your flowers, leaves and grasses together in small bunches and wrap a bit of flower tape around the stems to keep them together. Then, using flower wire, wire them around the twine in the same direction – you can choose to go clockwise or anti-clockwise, or do half each side so they come together at the front as the one above. You only need a small bit of wire, the softer, the better – I like to use paper covered wire which is in the link above.You could also add feathers or ribbons to your in flower crown

Once everything is wired on, you’re ready to wear your crown and celebrate summer!

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