Sunshine in Handmade Form – Spring 2022 collection inspired by the coast

sand sunshine coffee cups main
sand sunshine water jug main

This spring collection was inspired by the colours and textures of the coast – the vibrant yellows of gorse flowers and sand, the dark blue greys of rocks and pebbles, the rich blue of the ocean. The textures of wood, clay and rope.

It’s a really tactile collection that makes you feel warm inside and brings sunshine into your home.

sand and sunshine candle holder alt

I shot this collection at Purton Ship Graveyard about 25 miles from Bristol and the wood and lichen textures and colours of the old ship hulls made the perfect home for the designs. There were window spaces that made perfect shelves, rusty old nails that made perfect hooks. The sun shone all day and the heavy rain leading up to the shoot meant that the sand flats looked like the ocean behind us.

coastal clay coffee mugs alt

I asked Bristol ceramicist Jenny to make me a collection of coastal inspired clay mugs, coffee cups and soap dishes. These beautiful mugs capture the greys of rocks and pebbles and have a blue sheen in the sunlight. They make you feel warm inside and feel so good to hold in your hands.

Jenny uses iron-rich Cornish clay which has such a wonderful earthiness to it and a combination of 5 or 6 different layered glazes to create these unique tactile ceramics.

Flat Rope bowl main

I’ve worked with Jessica of Ruby Cubes on several collections since I started These Two Hands and I knew she would create the perfect rope designs for this coastal range. I sent her a photo from the Penzance coastline of gorse flowers and a beautiful blue ocean, and stitched these beautiful bespoke rope bowls, pots, mats, and coasters to capture that and bring those colours to your home.

botanical study 4 main

I discovered Jessica of Coastal Art Studio through Instagram and fell in love with her work. I chose three of her beautiful prints inspired by the Kent Coast to add to my spring/summer collection. I love the colours and nature details in these watercolour prints. This one (Storm) is my favourite as you can almost feel the rain on the sea and sand.

These prints look great framed together as a set of 3, or you can pop one in a poster hanger like I have here.

This Spring collection sums up what my shop has always been about – deeply rooted in nature, crafted by hand from tactile, natural materials. It’s about textures, colours and connection and I’m so proud of it. I’d love to know your favourites.

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