Wild & Sweet – Foraging & Feasting Workshop on Saturday 17th September

Sometimes someone special comes into your life for a reason. I met @rachellambertwildfoodforaging a few years ago as part of a small group of people working on setting up a global nature network. That network became @dialogueswithnature. We both moved on to other projects but stayed in touch. Rachel grew up in Bristol and on one visit back here, she popped into my studio to meet in person and she felt instantly like a sister. An old soul, a kindred spirit. I believe you’re never too old to meet people who will become lifelong friends and impact your life in a positive way, and Rachel is one of those people.

When we met, her Wild & Sweet book was in its draft stages but I was so excited about the idea. A book full of foraged wild dessert recipes and sweet treats. I said back then that I would want to stock it as soon as it came out. And that became a reality x months ago. It combines some of my very favourite things – foraging, preserving, baking and celebrating nature and the seasons. Autumn is my favourite season,  and I really wanted to celebrate this beautiful book and the beautiful human who created it, and the beauty of nature in one of its most delicious and flavour filled seasons which is why I’ve organised this event. Blackberries, elderberries, hawthorn, sloes, hogweed, rowan and more.

Join Rachel and I for a foraging walk through my local meadows followed by a tasting of several of the delicious recipes from her book as well as a Q&A with her. Signed copies of her Wild & Sweet book will be available to buy at the event or you can pre-order one to collect on the day. You can join for the full thing or just for the tasting and you can book tickets here on my website.

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