A Handmade Easter

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We don’t have a fancy Easter table with matching plates and themed napkins. We don’t have personalised egg baskets or bunting. But we do do an egg hunt in the garden and have a big Easter Sunday lunch and I like to make our Easter table full of spring colours with a jar of daffodils and some Easter chicks or bunnies. I’ve put some simple DIY craft ideas below that you can try and shared some of the Easter decorations in my shop too if you want to add some unique handmade decorations to your home this Easter.

A simple idea is to paint and decorate wooden eggs. You can get these simple blank wood 3D eggs with ribbons from Baker Ross and decorate them, which I did with kids at our local park last week. O. You can stick on feathers, easter stickers, flower stickers, colourful pom poms, real flowers. You can paint bits or use colouring pens to decorate. And once you’ve decorated them, you can hang them from a branch outside or from a vase of branches in the centre of your table.

You can also get some lovely little solid wooden hanging eggs from HyggeStyle on Etsy and paint those or add pressed flowers to them with a bit of glue

You can also paint or naturally dye real egg shells and use the eggs inside for baking a cake or making pancakes. All you have to do is blow the inside of the egg out, rinse and dry the shells and then decorate. This blog has great tips on how to do that: https://myriadonline.co.uk/blog/easter-egg-painting-with-myriad

If you want to dye them naturally, then read the detailed blog by A Beautiful Mess on what vegetables and plants you can use to create beautiful colours from nature.

We always have a lot of spare loo rolls in our house so I’m always looking for fun toilet roll crafts and these cute chicks have been one of my favourites so far. They’re really simple and fun to make – this very short how-to video shows you h0w.

We used yellow paper to wrap the toilet rolls rather than painting as I had a roll of yellow wrapping paper and we used stick-on Googly eyes and glue dots for the feathers and beak, rather than using a hot glue gun. Simple PVA glue would be fine too. Colourful feathers are easy to find at Hobbycraft, WHSmith or any local craft shop.

We also have a lot of egg boxes at home as I bake a lot of cakes every week for our music studio café. The individual sections of an egg box make fun simple nests on an Easter tree filled with straw or moss, or you can use them to make cute Easter bunnies. @sibster on Instagram has great craft videos and Red Ted Art has lots of great craft projects including these Easter bunnies

I love working with pressed flowers at all times of year and the colours at the moment are perfect for Easter. Wild primroses, celandines, violets, cuckoo flowers all work well for pressing. If you pop some in a press today, they should be useable by Sunday although normally you allow 1 to 2 weeks. Cover your bottle/jar in Modge Podge, apply flowers on top of the glue and cover in another thin layer of Modge Podge.

Passata bottles work well or any small clear glass bottles and jam jars. For step-by-step instructions, read my blog on making pressed flower tealight holders which is the same concept.

There are some lovely handmade Easter decorations in my new spring collection too, if you want to decorate your table or home. From wood and felt bunnies and acorn cup easter baskets to handprinted 3D wooden Easter eggs and spring wooden wreaths. Have a lovely Easter and I’d love it if you share any photos of your Easter crafts and decorations with me via email or Instagram @thesetwohandsuk

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