Stevie Leigh-Smith

Stevie-Leigh, aka Botanical Boheme, is the newest maker to join the These Two Hands collection and I’m so excited to stock her beautiful jewellery! I discovered her through Instagram and I love her unique botanical imprint jewellery! I asked her to make up some fern imprint earrings to add to my autumn collection and they make me want to get my ears pierced as I really want to wear these myself! I asked her to share her story with me…

What made you decide to become a maker and how did you get started?

As I was growing up I always thought I’d be a fashion/textiles designer, I studied textiles in school, continued to do it in college throughout a foundation diploma and intended to take it as a degree in Uni, but it didn’t feel like it was the right thing to do. I ended up withdrawing and started making jewellery from found materials. I used feathers and wood with wire and vintage coins to create unique jewellery to wear to festivals – I wanted bold, boho one of a kind pieces to wear that made a statement. It was through doing this that I thought “I want to now how to do this properly”. So I went on to do a degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing at Plymouth College of Art. I made statement jewellery out of found animal bones and feathers, combined with copper, silver and a technique called electroforming.

I didn’t start my business until after I had my first daughter in 2017. My work changed a lot as I could no longer use chemicals with a toddler around and I started to take inspiration from our plant filled home I had created.

close up of botanical boheme making

What inspires your jewellery designs and materials?

Plantlife – both in taking inspiration from shape and form and simplifying it to create designs but also in using it as a material. My favourite collection is ‘Botanical’ where I use dried out leaves to imprint the metal.

What do you love most about being a maker?

The satisfaction of creating something completely and utterly unique.

botanical boheme home studio

How important is the space you work in and what do you love about your workspace?

Very important, I once had a shared creative unit that I worked in and it had no windows, i couldn’t bear it! My workspace at home is next to the door that opens onto the garden, which means I get a lot of natural light. I love my little corner that is just for me – my bench was handmade by my dad, my storage drawers and pots thrifted from charity shops, and foliage drying out around, it’s my little corner of heaven!

botanical boheme packaging

Why is sustainability important to you?

I think it’s important to be as conscious of the impact you’re making on the environment as possible. Even small changes feel good to be working towards a zero waste ethic. All my packaging and business cards are made from recycled or biodegradable materials and I use eco silver as well as recycling my own at home.

coffee shot for blog

What would you be in another life if you weren’t doing what you do?

In another life I’d like to think we would have a little cafe in some far away country!

fern imprint circle earrings

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