Hazel Catkins Table Lamp


It’s always makes me happy seeing the lovely yellow catkins dangling from the hazel trees. It’s sure sign that spring is on the way and they look almost like jewellery hanging from the branches. This beautiful catkin design has been laser cut engraved into creamy coloured parchment paper with really intricate detail. After the designs are laid out they are laminated for strength and durability. Having this lamp in your home is a great way to bring nature in to your home and be reminded of spring all year round. These lamps are made to order and the average make time is 2 weeks.

Small: 30cm high, 13cm diameter.
Tall: 42cm high, 13cm diameter.

Care: Lamps can be wiped clean with a well wrung out cloth but must not be submersed in water.

Technical Stuff:
Each lamp comes fully assembled with an 2W LED candle bulb (equivalent to 25 watts old style bulb) which gives the lamp a lovely glow. If you would like to use an old style filament bulb it must be no more than 40 watt maximum.
They also come with a white 2.5 metre cable with an inline switch and a plug. If you need a U.S or Europe plug, please specifiy in the notes bit of the order form. All lamps are CE marked and fully safety tested.


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